Trip cancellation insurance

Are you aware of our cancellation policy in case you fail to arrive?

For any detail in this regard or to find a solution together PLEASE CONTACT US 
From today Hotel Maderno has studied an INSURANCE solution in your favor to protect and refund you for any penalties withheld by our company in case of cancellation of your stay due to unforeseeable circumstances, objectively documentable and included in the policy conditions (for a greater completeness of information in this regard and before signing the policy, consult the policy conditions and the pre-contractual Information Set, download here)

In the event of Trip Cancellation claims, the Insured, upon the occurrence of the event that causes the cancellation of the trip, is required:

1) to Cancel the booked trip as soon as possible, in order to minimize the cancellation penalties, by contacting US where you booked the Trip
2) To report the accident to the Company within 48 hours of the event by contacting the Claims Call Center at +39 02 0062 0261 (option 3 Mon.-Fri. 9.00-20.00; Sat. 9.00-14.00)
2.1) Specifying the circumstances of the event, and – if this is of a medical nature – the address where the person whose pathology is at the origin of the waiver can be found;
2.2) Indicating the number of this policy;
2.3) Providing personal data, tax code and address of the recipient of the payment.
2.4) to transmit, even subsequently:
2.5) medical record, in case of renunciation following hospitalization;
2.6) certification of the kinship relationship existing between the Insured and any other person who led to the renunciation of the trip;
2.7) copy of the travel contract and / or the Carrier’s booking confirmation (with details of the additional and optional items that make up the cost incurred for the ticket office);
2.8) copy of the penalty statement issued by the travel organizer and / or by the Carrier;
2.9) bank details (name and address of the Bank, IBAN code, SWIFT code in the case of a foreign account and name of the current account holder if different from the holder of the practice.

For other reimbursement requests, the Insured or whoever must:
Open the claim by contacting the Claims Call Center on +39 02 0062 0261 within 7 days of the event

When the claim is opened, a confirmation email will be sent which will contain the number of the open claim, the indication of the documents necessary for the management of the compensation request and a form to be completed in its entirety.

The completed form and the required documents must be sent to ERGO Reiseversicherung AG – General Representation for Italy – Claims Office – Via Pola, 9 – 20124 Milan – by registered letter with return receipt. or e-mail claims@ergoassricolturaviaggi.it; or certified ergoassuranceviaggi@legalmail.it within 20 days of receipt of the form by the Insured.

By clicking here you can download the Travel Claim Form in English

I confirm that I want to purchase insurance at a cost equal to 3.8% of the total holiday. (contact us and ask for insurance)
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