Laundry Quick Wash

Laundry service, which allows you to use again quickly your complete bike trainings outfit.

Water bottle fill-up

Re-fill/ re-fresh service of water bottle with mineral water.

Take-away lunch

We give the possibility to take away your lunch with selected products.

Early breakfast

We offer the possibility to take breakfast earlier than the regular breakfast time to facilitate your long cycling days.

Afternoon shower

Thanks to the possibility to take a shower and get changed, you will be able to enjoy your last day jogging or taking a nice walk. We gift you with one more outing! Take your shower and leave the luggage at the hotel, you can take it when you come back.

Bike rental

We offer the bike rental service. It is just 10 metres from the hotel. Available for everyone who wants to have a bike trip or runners supporters.

Light Menu and special diet requests

We offer the possibility to have a special menu that can meet different dietary needs. Whether you need more proteins, or less fat. Whether you need a gluten/lactose-free diet or vegetarian and vegan meal, just let us know.

Maps, itineraries and tracks.

We provide information and itineraries/tracks maps. We have some active affiliations, that allow you to benefit from the shuttle service or guided bike excursions.

Cold dishes

We give the opportunity to order a cold meal anytime. On request in advance.



Light cuisine

Light meals available

Clothes washing

Laundry service

Remenber to indicate thet you request services for runner and trekker

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